Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hanging Out

I finally had a chance to use my new MacCat Deluxe Tarp from Outdoor Equipment Suppliers with my Hennessy Hammock. I was a little concerned becuase it was forcast to be the low 40's and I'd never used my hammock when it was that cool. I took alony my "silver burrito" emergency bivvy-sack, my double-wide 1/4" closed-cell pad and a cheap fleece throw, all to use as insulation underneath me. I took my 40 degree Ray-Way homemade quilt to cover up with.

The tarp worked great, especially with my new homemade tensioners. The tarp stayed taunt all night! And even though the temperature got down in the mid to upper 30's I stayed toasty all night.

The more I hang, the more I like it. For me is really beats the ground.

1 comment:

Jeremiah said...

Nice looking tarp! Looks very sturdy! Making me anxious about hiking again! a nurse...your ankle looked horrible! ;O)