Friday, September 17, 2010

Bushcraft Fire-making Attempt #1

I've become intrigued in learning some bushcraft skills. Today I decided to try my hand at fire-making. So with just my Swedish Mora Knife and a length of paracord I headed off to the woods behind my house.

Lots of pine but I did locate some dead soft wood of some sort. (I've realized how important tree identification is to be successful at this endeavor).

I was very comfortable with the knife and soon was using the baton method for cutting and trimming. It was actually easier than I thought it would be to shape the three pieces of wood for this technique.

My goal this time was to simply produce a gloawing coal. It took some practice to keep the spindle turning and for the cord not to slip. I realized I was pressing too hard on the hand-piece.

I did find my groove and before too long I actually had some smoke going! I managed to create a nice pile of dark dust, but no ember... According to my book I didn't go at it long enough. And I'm not confident about my wood selection either. The materail I've read on the topic recommends wood that isn't indiginious to this area. I need to find out what to use around here AND learn how to identify it!

I ran out of time and had to stop. I did feel good about my abilities to shape the wood into the necessary parts and about getting lots of smoke going. I think I'll get it... eventually.