Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cool shoes

Well what's cool about Toms Shoes is their story. This guy discovered that children in 3rd world countries could get a foot disease that they couldn't get rid of as long as they were shoeless.

It bugged him enough that he did something about it. He created a.... movement... that makes shoes. But the cool part is, when you buy a pair of these sporty shoes, they'll personally put a pair on a kid who needs them.

And here's another cool part of the story. It's kind of a long story and no doubt a God-story, but Toms Shoes wants to partner with the student ministry at Grayson UMC. What does that mean? That means they gave us this code: SOUL1ST (that is a "one"). When ANYONE (even you) goes to and orders a pair of these sporty shoes, as I understands it, you won't have to pay for shipping AND the people at Toms Shoes will send GUMC student ministry 8 bucks!

So what is the student ministry at GUMC thinking about doing with all of these 8 bucks? Well... A thought is to save up a bunch of them (about 375 of them) and dig a well in Africa that will provide fresh water for a whole village!

What a great thing. I think it may be a "win trifecta": 375 kids will be cured of a foot disease by receiving a brand new pair of shoes, a village will get a well of fresh water, you get a pair of sporty shoes...

Actually there is a fourth thing: you'll get to be part of a... movement... something much bigger than just you. So, right now, get on over to And cut and paste SOUL1ST into the code box. Become a part....

Oh, and Christmas is coming. You know those folks on your list who have everything? Hook them up with a movement.